Here’s a playlist of my recent product reviews. At the moment, they’re mostly flashlights (which I’ve been obsessed with for 10+ years!)

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What’s going on here?

Welcome. I’m Darren Yeo – a digital creator and artist from Melbourne, Victoria. I’m the founder of one of the largest online painting communities, Watercolour Mentor. We have nearly 250,000 members and it brings me a great deal of joy to be able to serve this inspiring community.

So what’s this website about? This is my personal website. It features a technology theme. I share reviews of products that I own and use such as flashlights, software and more.

I create simple tech guides/videos, helping you use online systems – so that you can build your passion project or business. My guides are aimed at those without a tech background.

This is a place for me to help others with the knowledge I’ve accrued. I’ve learned everything through consistent reading, listening, STARTING, creating and figuring things out along the way.

Where to from here?

The blog link here will take you to articles and reviews I’ve written.

You can also check out my other website:

Watercolour Mentor is an online watercolour painting community that I run. It contains free resources, tutorials and allows you to receive feedback on your paintings. We also have a Watercolour Mentor YouTube Channel with free resources. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here’s a link to a free watercolour workshop that I ran earlier in June 2022. There are many more free workshops on the Watercolour Mentor YouTube Channel.