Convoy C8+ Flashlight Review (Micro Arc Oxidation, LED) | BEST Value 1KM Pocket Thrower

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Convoy C8+ Flashlight Review

In this video, I review the Convoy C8+ in MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation). This new coating is being used on some flashlights and should exhibit superior durability to normal hard anodizing. The C8+ is the best-value pocket thrower on the market. It’s $44 AUD for a light with a 1KM range! I got my C8+ with an OSRAM CSLNM1.TG LED in 6500K (cool white). Is this little thrower worth the hype? Watch my video to find out.

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Full Measurements:

C8+(I recorded over 10000 lx on high on turn-on, later dropping to 9351)
ModeCandela @5mThrow (metres)ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuvDuv interpretation
High2500001000High537961.70.33560.36060.0084Slightly green
Opple Light Master Pro Readings

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This flashlight sample was sent to me by Convoy. I was not paid to do this review. All opinions are my own.

Convoy C8+

Build quality, and disassembly:
• Flawless machining. Beautiful finish that feels like ceramic/marble. Better cutouts, and more surface area. Anti-roll design.
• Like all convoy lights, the C8+ can be taken apart easily, there’s no glue or thread lock used. It makes it easy if you want to swap the emitter later.

LED, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector:
• This is available in a few options. I chose the emitter. Maximum throw, even further than the PM1. The die surface is only 1mm2, which is incredibly small for a light that makes over 1000 lumens. This translates to maximum throw.
• The lens is made of AR glass and the bezel comes with cut-outs.
• Smooth reflector with LED perfectly centered.

Size and comparison:
• IF22A, FC12, M4, L8, LEPs = smaller head.

Retention and carry:
• Because of the larger head diameter (44.5mm) this is not an EDC light that you can fit comfortably in your jeans pocket. But it outthrows all my other LED flashlights of the same or comparative size. It’d go well in roomier jeans, pants, or a jacket pocket.
• No belt clip but you can purchase one separately.

User interface, modes, and operation:
• simple UI once selected. 12 groups with a max output of 5A. There’s also temperature management.
• Some groups have bike mode, strobe, and battery check. I keep mine on simple 5-brightness levels.
• Fully press the switch to turn it on. Half-press to switch modes. 20 taps to access mode selection.

Batteries and charging:
• Takes both flat tops and button tops 18650 cells. Doesn’t come with a battery.
• No USB charging. Need external charger.

Performance (beam profile, lumens, and run times):
10000 lux @ 5m
= 250000 cd
= 1000m

5300-6300K, 5300 on high.
CRI: 60+

What I liked/didn’t like:
• Most impressive throw I’ve seen from a light of this size. Throws further than my SFT40 lights, TIR. Those make more lumens, however.
• Better than TIR throw, but with usable flood.
• 5-year warranty

A bit bulky in my jeans pocket. No USB charging.

Final Verdict:
This is hands down the best budget thrower you can buy in my opinion. You can get it even cheaper if you get the non-anodized version. It’s less than half the price of other similar-sized throwers and outperforms them in terms of candela measurement.

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