Guide to Long Range Flashlights (throwers): TIR vs. Reflector vs. LEP: What’s Best For You?

Guide to Long-Range Flashlights

Choosing the right long-range flashlight or thrower flashlight can be a struggle. There are so many options out there. So which one should you get? Let me know what your favorite thrower is in the comments!


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This video features the following lights:

TIR – Sofirn IF22, Speras M4
Reflector – Wurkkos FC12, Convoy C8+, Convoy L8
LEP – Nextorch L10 Max, Nextorch T10L, Nextorch T20L

In this video, I’ll show you the differences between a flashlight with a reflector, TIR lens, and LEP technology. Each achieves long-range performance with significantly different technologies.

I’ll go through which ones I own and recommend for different purposes. These three categories of lights have significantly different beam profiles and functionality. It’s important you pick the right one for your situation.

Make sure you hang around until the end – I show you some beam shots of these lights.

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