Nextorch NP20: The Perfect Tactical Pen?

Do you need a tactical pen?

I reviewed the Nextorch NP20 tactical pen. This is a stylish and practical pen that can be used in an emergency to break a window or for self-defense.

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This pen was sent to me by Nextorch for the purpose of review. I was not paid to make this video, nor have I held back on any negative opinions.

Nextorch NP20 Review:

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So as many of you know, I’m a big fan of tactical flashlights, but I’ve also been looking for other kinds of tactical gear that can be easily pocketed, and carried around without any trouble. I’ve been working with Nextorch for around a year now and I noticed they have a range of ‘tactical pens’. Have already reviewed the K3RT, but this one here, the NP20 really caught my eye. I liked the skeleton design and the integrated tungsten tip.
• Comparison with other pens/penlights – Nextorch K3RT, Olight O’Pen Glow, normal ball point pen.

Overall Construction, functions, and demonstration:
• Anodised aluminium – only weighs 30 grams. It looks and feels similar to the finish on my Nextorch lights – matt black, durable, and surprisingly grippy. The cutouts look super cool and unique, they’re eye-catching and
• The striking tip is made of ‘tungsten-steel’ – unsure of the proportions of each metal but it’s rated at 90HRA – easily able to scratch glass. You could use this as a basic engraving pen. I think the main purpose though would be for self-defense and to break a window in an emergency. There’s a very strong clip on the cap of the light. What I really like is that you need to unscrew the cap to use the pen. This means that you won’t lose the cap and it won’t get in the way in an emergency.
• You get a Schmidt P950M megaline cartridge – these use the same technology as the space pen refills – able to write on any angle, upside down, in zero gravity. Nextorch makes the NP20 replacement friendly too, as any standard G2 cartridge can fit in this pen. The pen itself is balanced well and feels comfortable to use, especially with the grippy area near the nib. 5-year warranty.

• Being a flashlight guy, it would’ve been nice if Nextorch could have fitted in a small light at the base of the pen – there seems to be some spare room there. But I’m also glad they’ve kept things simple and the original functions are solid.
• Price – costs a lot more than a normal pen.

Great EDC tactical pen – I carry mine in my bag mostly but there are also leather EDC pouch kits that you can purchase that accommodate the NP20 easily. You’ll probably only use the pen function but it does bring me some sense of preparedness if I needed to use the strike tip in an emergency.

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