This Will Change How You View EDC Lights! RovyVon E1 Review

RovyVon E1 Review

I reviewed the RovyVon E1. This amazing pocket rocket comes with a twist… the ability to add a second backup AAA cell! It’s the only flashlight in my collection that lets you do this and is perfect in an emergency situation.

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This light was sent to me by RovyVon for the purpose of review. I was not paid to make this video, nor have I held back on any negative opinions of this light.

RovyVon E1: The Perfect EDC Flashlight

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
β€’ This is the brightest keychain light I own! I was pretty shocked at how much light this little thing produced when I turned it on. It’s also the only light I have that gives me the option to add a primary backup cell (AAA). This is a huge game-changer as it means I can swap batteries on the go, and have extended runtime in an emergency. The light only weighs 39 grams and is around the same size as a garage remote/car remote.
β€’ What you get in the box: the light itself, inbuilt lithium cell, clip, 2 metal rings, rubber gasket replacement.
β€’ Comparison with RovyVon A1, Nextorch K40

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
β€’ Aluminium head, polyamide body. Polyamide is one of the most durable materials you can find – Kevlar is a type of polyamide. I like how the light balances just right once you add a primary cell. It feels head-heavy unless you do this. Glow in the dark ring around the base of the head! Found this out accidentally at night – it’s quite useful if you need to change a battery on the go, as it marks out the tube. There is a latch on the side that you need to undo in order to access the primary cell area. There are also two axillary lights that indicate which battery is in use and also turn red to indicate low voltage. I suspect the other included cell is a 10440. IPX7 water resistant and 1.5m impact resistance. Plus you get a two-year warranty! Rare to see this on a keychain flashlight.
β€’ Dual TIR lens under the hood with 2x 6500K LEDs – they produce a total of 700 lumens. Not sure what LEDs these are – perhaps SST20s, Osram P9s, or in-house LEDs. The light is much brighter on high when using the included lithium cell. Would’ve been nice if the TIR lens was recessed in the bezel slightly in order to protect it.

UI – modes
β€’ Triple-press top button to unlock/lock.
β€’ Press the top button to turn on and off moonlight mode. From moonlight mode, double press to go into memory mode. Single click to cycle between LMH.
β€’ Press and hold the bottom button for momentary high mode. Double press for strobe.
β€’ To switch battery sources, triple-press the top button in moonlight mode.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
β€’ CCT, CRI, Ceiling bounce test
β€’ Beam profile – Surprisingly throw with a higher concentration of light in the center. Usable spill on higher modes.

β€’ No additional lighting modes e.g. red LEDs. I like using warmer/red LEDs at night – easier on the eyes.
β€’ Nonmetal body – would dissipate heat much better with a metal body but also be potentially uncomfortable to hold. There is a titanium version of the E1 available too.
β€’ Slight annoyance – the buttons get jammed if you press them on the edges. This is pretty rare though and you just press them again and they become ‘unstuck’

This is my second RovyVon light and again I’m blown away with the attention to detail that they put in their products. Keychain lights have never really been my thing because I’ve previously seen them as cheap, barely functional lights that you keep on ‘just in case’. Having used the RovyVon E1 for a few weeks now, I have to say that it really does an outstanding job as a standalone EDC light – especially if you’re happy with the respectable 700-lumen output.

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