Brinyte E18 Pheme Flashlight Review: Worth Buying?

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I review the Brinyte E18 Pheme.

Get the E18 here (US) 👇 (affiliate link)

Get the E18 here (AUS) 👇 (affiliate link)

Brinyte provided me with a sample of this flashlight for review. I was not paid to make this video. I have not held back on any negative opinions of this light.

Brintye E18 Pheme Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• This is the Brinyte E18 Pheme – it’s the first time I’ve reviewed a light from this brand and overall… I’m impressed! In the world of side-switch flashlights, it’s nearly impossible to stand out. There’s just so many options. But the E18 comes with a unique design, and build quality, and also comes with a regulated driver that will provide constant output.
• What’s in the box
• Comparisons with other 18650 lights e.g. SC31 Pro, S2+

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Machining is top-notch, a step above many of my other lights. The blue accents and interesting cutouts give it a unique and refined look. There are no rough edges or inconsistencies in the machining. Brinyte is using something they call ‘polygonal knurling’ which consists of a series of tessellating shapes – it creates a futuristic look and makes the light grippier. Anodizing is slightly glossy and smooth. Two attachment points for the clip. I prefer using the attachment point near the tailcap for a deep carry option. The clip is double-sided – it would work on a hat. Strong magnet in the tailcap. Rubberized button that functions as a battery indicator. Onboard USB-C Charging. I like how the rubber port is extra low-key – I almost didn’t see it at first.
• SFT40 with TIR lens. The bezel is glued on. The blue bezel ring adds a very nice touch.
• Takes an 18650 cell. Not compatible with 16340/CR123 cells. 3-year warranty included with the light.

UI – modes
• I’m a big fan of simple Uis – you don’t need to read the manual to figure this one out.
• 5 clicks to lock/unlock. Triple click for strobe.
• Click once for memory mode, click and hold to cycle LMHT. Press and hold off for ML.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Surprisingly throw beam due to the TIR lens. Not much spill until you hit the higher modes.

• Price – costs more than many other 18650 lights. Build quality and driver is of higher quality though.
• Rubber switch, would prefer metal for extra durability.

Overall the E18 is a solid EDC light. It’s hard to make an exciting SST40 flashlight these days, but the overall build quality, design, and regulated driver make this light worthwhile if you are looking for something that’s a step above other 18650 lights. Tail switch would seal the deal for me. This would make a great light around the house, for outdoor use, or to give away as a gift due to its easy setup and operation.

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