Nextorch TA31 Review: Most POWERFUL Tactical Flashlight?

Nextorch TA31 Review: Most POWERFUL Tactical Flashlight?

I review the Nextorch TA31. This is a powerful tactical flashlight that produces 10,000 lumens. It has also won a Red Dot award!

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Nextorch TA31 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• This is the most powerful tactical flashlight in my collection! 10,000 lumens has been done before but it’s rare to see it in a tactical light as most companies tend to choose a more conservative LED configuration/output. This is a surprisingly comfortable light to hold and use, despite the larger bezel. Heatsinking is excellent due to this. One thing I like about Nextorch is their incredible attention to detail and quality control. The TA31 is a perfect example of this.
• What’s in the box?
• Comparison with other Nextorch lights. Multi-cell light in normal tube config vs. side-by-side design.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Nextorch lights have a military look and feel to them. The TA31 manages to preserve this same aesthetic. Simple, smooth design, very low key, and with some tasteful cutouts. The anodizing is grippy and Matt black, something you see in almost all of their design. Nextorch uses one of the toughest anodizing compared to other tactical flashlights. Thick coat and evenly applied – excellent quality. The design is anti-roll.
• Rotating switch on the back – three modes. Tactical switch on the back. Doubles as battery indicator. Takes a 2×21700 battery pack. Nextorch state this is not user replaceable, though I see a couple of screws under the head that could allow access. Sturdy pocket clip that fits onto a belt easily.
• 4x LED – not stated. They each produce 2500 lumens each for a total of 10K lumens. SMO reflector with glass lens on the front. It also has a titanium bezel with 3x ceramic glass-breaking beads. Proximity sensors.
• 5-year warranty. Batteries have 1 year warranty.

UI – modes
• Tactical switch – half press for turbo, full press for strobe.
• Rotatable switch to access lock, duty, and tac mode. Simple UI. 5 modes in duty. Battery indicator – turn from any mode to lock or press once on lock.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Massive hotspot with lots of spill – the four smooth reflects helps increase the throw of the light.

• Battery pack – not replaceable as stated by Nextorch. I think it may be possible by undoing a couple of screws but it will void your warranty.
• Large – due to the bezel, you won’t be fitting this in your jeans pocket. The belt clip comes in handy in this case. I wish Nextorch included a holster. I have a feeling they may release another holster design for this eventually. The TA31 has a different design from their other tube-style lights so it won’t fit in other Nextorch holsters.
• Proximity sensor – wish it could be deactivated.

• This is the brightest tactical light in my collection, and I like how the dual battery configuration allows for greatly extended runtimes on each mode. On turbo, it steps down fairly quickly, but it’s good that you can reactivate it again. The heat management is excellent, it makes this a practical light for sustained use. I’d recommend this if you want a powerful tactical light that’s also practical and built to a high standard.

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