Convoy S2+ (Micro Arc Oxidation, Nichia 519a, 3000K) Review | Is this the BEST value EDC Flashlight?

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Convoy S2+ (Micro Arc Oxidation, Nichia 519a, 3000K) Review

In this video, I review the Convoy S2+ in MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation). This is a new type of coating that is being used on some flashlights and should exhibit superior durability than normal hard anodizing. I got my S2+ with a Nichia 519a LED in 3000K (warm). Is this coating worth the hype? Watch my video to find out.

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Full Measurements:

ModeCandela @5mThrow (metres)ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuvDuv interpretation
10%110066.3324958110%293597.50.44280.40760.0006Warm White
35%3225113.578166935%295297.40.44040.4050-0.0001Warm White
100%6575162.1727474100%295796.10.43880.4023-0.0010Warm White
Measurements taken with Opple Light Master Pro

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This flashlight sample was sent to me by Convoy. I was not paid to do this review. All opinions are my own.

Convoy S2+ Transcript

Build quality, and disassembly:
• Convoy offers the best quality-to-price ratio. I maintain that, especially for some of their smaller lights like this one. Flawless finish and machining. It feels like ceramic?
• You can modify this light easily. Unsealed.

LED, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector
• The 519A is one of the best LEDs to use in a professional setting. Comes in various tints from 2700K – 5700. 90+ CRI.
• AR Glass lens with OP reflector. Simple bezel. LED centered perfectly.

Size and comparison:
• 11.7cm X 2.4cm
• SC31 Pro, E51C, FC-12, Reylight Pineapple Mini, etc.

Retention and carry:
• Fits easily in a pocket and the lanyard is a handy addition.
• No pocket clip. Only fits one with a thin retaining ring. You can buy them separately from Convoy for a few dollars.

User interface, modes, and operation:
• Mode memory on/off.
• UI selection of 12 groups. Some prefer fewer groups but I like the different options. Memories once off, even when the battery is taken out.
• Change modes by half-pressing once on. 20 taps, mode selection.

Batteries and charging:
• Takes both flat tops and button tops 18650 cells. Battery included for a few extra dollars.
• No USB charging. Need external charger.

Performance (beam profile, lumens, and run times):
• 162m throw on high

CRI/CCT (Opple Light Master Pro 3):
CRI: 95+

What I liked/didn’t like:
• Convoy provides the best value at this price point in my opinion. You give up onboard USB charging but it’s worth it for the excellent build quality and performance.
• Choices…! There are so many configurations you can buy the S2+ in. Colors, LEDs, two drivers, there’s even a 21700 cell version. Most manufacturers offer two-color tints at most. I love the 3000K, which helps greatly on foggy nights and is easy on the eyes.
• Considerations: the white finish marks easily if you have it knocking around with other objects. It mostly cleans off with alcohol wipes. No chips or scratches.
• Would have liked an included pocket clip but at this price point that’s acceptable and you can buy one separately.

Final Verdict:
This is one of the best EDC lights for flashlight beginners and enthusiasts. The high number of options in this model, low price point, and excellent build quality. I like how all the technical specs are made clear and you know exactly what you’re getting. Highly recommended.

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