Convoy L8 VS Imalent MR90 Flashlight: Battle of the GIANTS!

Watch the full comparison video here.

Convoy L8 VS Imalent MR90 Flashlight: Battle of the GIANTS!

In this video, I compare the Convoy L8 and Imalent MR90 in terms of brightness, throw, and features. I also run some lux tests with my new Opple Light Master Pro.

Make sure you check out my included beam shot videos too to see how they both perform under the same conditions (I did these in the rain!! Worked out surprisingly well – looks cool with the rain being illuminated): 18:21

Which one would you pick?

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In terms of overall light output, some may say this is an unfair comparison as the MR90 produces 52,000 lumens. I focus on the ‘spot’ beam or SBT90.2 LED capabilities of both lights.

Although the head of the MR90 is larger, the actual reflector for the SBT90.2 is significantly smaller than the L8’s reflector. For this reason, the L8 easily out-throws the MR90.

However, there are some caveats. Watch the video to find out more.

Add your questions below and I’ll get back to you. -Darren

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