MATEMINCO FT01 Flashlight Review: It Turns into a LAMP!

Watch the full review of the Mateminco FT01 here:

MATEMINCO FT01 Flashlight Review

In this video, I review the Mateminco FT01. I was excited to check out this light as the design and functionality are quite distinct from other lights I’ve reviewed. It looks like it was taken out of a sci-fi set… and it turns into a makeshift lamp! I think this would make a great gift as it takes AA cells and has a ‘custom’ look to it.

Find out how the FT01 performs at different ranges (25-200m) and see whether it’s the right flashlight for you.

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Mateminco FT01

Build quality, disassembly
• Impressive build quality. I have the aluminum version with a brass ring. It feels like there is a clear coat over the aluminum but I’m not sure. The threads feel smooth and frictionless.
• Easily disassembled. You can take off the tailcap lanyard ring even. Battery tube, even unscrew the bezel to access the LED/Driver. Highly moddable for those of you who enjoy tinkering.

LED, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector
• Mine came with a Nichia 519a in 5000K which produces more lumens than the warmer iterations of this LED. You can also get this light with an SFN43 LED – that version is also cheaper.
• AR glass lens. No dust underneath.
• The bezel can be unscrewed easily and has an O-ring underneath.
• Interesting reflector – it’s unlike any other reflector I’ve seen before. There are three ‘steps’ that result in a nice throw/flood combination. It seems to aid in the smooth transition from spot to flood.

Size and comparison
• 98.5mm X 43.5mm X 22mm
• This is an unusual-sized flashlight due to its slim body and large head.

Retention and carry
• The light comes with a clip that allows you to carry it in your pocket with the head facing up.
• You’d be okay with some baggy jeans/trackies pocketing it with the head down. But that’s not going to work with fitted jeans unless you carry it head up.

User interface, modes, operation
• The light is operated by a single tail switch. It has a firm feel and the bumper sticks out the back. No tail standing.
• Switch the light on and off with a full click. Half-press to switch modes. L-m-h-turbo-strobe. Demonstrate all modes.
• Light is the perfect length for my hand. I can grip the entire battery tube and reach the switch nicely.

Batteries and charging
• This is the first 14500-cell flashlight that I’ve used. My FT01 came with a Vapcell 10A, 1000mAh cell. You’ll need a separate charger as there’s no onboard USB charging.
• AA cells work. Extra capacity but greatly reduced brightness.

Performance (beam profile, lumens, and run times)
• I really like the beam profile of this flashlight – the perfect balance of flood and throw. The reflector is wide but shallow.
• 1250 lumens is more than enough for most situations.

CRI/CCT (Opple light master pro)
• Excellent 97-99 CRI.
• Consistent 5000K across all modes

1250 lumens, 209m throw
ModeCandela @5mThrow (metres)ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuvDuv interpretation
Measured from my Opple Light Master Pro
Simple beamshot test – note the ramp down around 2.5mins.

What I liked:
• The beam is nice and smooth with decent throw. High CRI makes it perfect for professional use where you need to identify colors accurately.
• Unique selling points.
• The light has a retro sci-fi feel about it and can transform into a pleasant-looking lamp with the included diffuser. I don’t know of any other light out there that can turn into a lamp.

• I only wish the diffuser snapped on securely. The torch sits loosely on the base but is fine if you’re not moving it around.

Final Verdict
• If you’re looking for a unique retro-styled flashlight that can turn into a stylish-looking miniature lamp, this is the light for you! It’s the perfect blend of modern electronics in a nostalgic shell. There are so many lights that have the same design and color, but this one really stands out.

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