LEP Flashlight Battle! Nextorch L10 Max vs Nextorch T20L – Which is best for you?

Full video comparison here: https://youtu.be/r8DYNkZL1Gg

In this video, I compare the Nextorch L10 Max with the Nextorch T20L. Both are powerful LEP (laser-excited phosphor) flashlights. Find out which one is right for you, and hang around to the end to watch some beam shots.

The L10 Max is easy to carry around due to its size, and has excellent throw, easily reaching over 1km. the UI took some getting used to – you need to hold the button down to turn it on and off.

The T20L throws well over 2km and comes equipped with a tactical switch which makes it easy and practical to activate in an instant. The hot spot is much larger and the light produces more than twice as many lumens as the L10 Max (900 vs 400).

Get the L10 here:
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Get the T20L here: https://www.nextorch.com/products/t20l-2000m-white-laser-tactical-flashlight

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