Convoy Z1 (W5050SQ3) Flashlight Review: LEP Alternative?

Can’t justify an LEP flashlight? Get this instead!

Can’t justify an LEP flashlight? Get this instead! I reviewed the Convoy Z1 with the new W5050SQ3 LED. This is a circular LED that solves the issue of the square beam created by other LEDs. I’ll go through both the 3000K and 6500K versions. This is the best value zoomable flashlight out there that is the closest thing you’ll find to an LEP flashlight at a fraction of the price.

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Convoy Z1 Review:

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So I’ve seen a few people review the Z1, but I wasn’t really interested in it due to the rectangular/square beam it produced when zoomed in. But when I saw Convoy had released a version with the W5050SW3 round LED, I wanted one straight away! Convoy sent me samples of the Z1 for the purposes of this review. The Z1 is the only zoomable light out there that represents excellent value for money. Ledlenser has a patent for their zoomable system, and they charge a lot for it!
• What’s in the box – the Z1, lanyard.
• Comparison with Ledlenser P6R Core QC, P7R, Nextorch T10L, Acebeam Terminator M2

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Feels solid, well machined. Heavier than it looks due to the glass lens/larger head. Some cooling fins cut into the head. The anodizing is smooth, a little slippery. The knurling helps. The overall build quality is excellent, especially at this price point. Stainless steel tailswitch. The head unscrews to produce a narrow beam. Fully unscrewed produced a broad beam. There’s a decent amount of friction when turning so I’m confident it won’t accidentally retract when pushed. It feels like there are a set of threads that are locked on each, so the head can only move between two points.
• High-quality borosilicate glass lens – looks completely clear and with no imperfections. From what I can see with my two Ledlenser flashlights, they both use clear plastic convex lenses. W5050SQ3 round LED. This is perfect for this lens as it will mirror the shape of the LED. The lens is recessed to help protect it. Natural scratch resistance of glass.

UI – modes
• 12 group driver. Large range of modes that suit different applications – e.g. 100%, blinky modes. Memory mode on/off. Half-press to change modes.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Amazingly throwy beam – looks like a clean projection when zoomed in, and nice and even light when zoomed out.

• If I’m picky, there are minor artifacts when zoomed in and zoomed out. Zoomed in, there is a purplish ring around the hotspot. Zoomed out, the beam isn’t completely smooth. The center is a little brighter. Not noticeable for the most part unless you’re pointing it at a white wall indoors.
• Bulky head! Necessary to produce a long-range beam. It makes a little noise when adjusting the head but there is no friction or risk of damage to the focusing mechanism.
• No onboard charging

• Hands down the best value zoomie light out there! You get the best of both worlds – flood and throw, and decent runtime as well with that 21700 cell. The new circular LED turns the Z1 into a more polished thrower

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