PIOOCAN L2 Flashlight Review: Game-changing Reflector Design?


PIOOCAN L2 Flashlight Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So this is my first PIOOCAN light and I believe, the only one that’s released so far. One unique thing about this light is that it has an interesting reflector design I’ve never seen before. It’s a seriously good thrower, especially for its size. Hang around until the end as I will show you a closer look, including some tests and beamshots!
• What do you get in the box?
• Comparison with other AA flashlights: Cyansky P12R, TS10, Acebeam Pokelit AA

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Construction is good, especially for this price point. Quite a simple design, there are some tasteful cutouts on the head, and tail cap, and some knurling.
• Smooth anodizing – it’s slightly slippery. The knurling helps but could be more grippy. You can also get this light in the usual black anodizing too.
• Double-sided friction clip, single rubber switch on the tail cap. Does not sit flush so cannot tail stand. The switch itself feels firm and is easy to find in the dark. Takes 14500/AA/NiMH.
• Osram P8 with combination OP/SMO reflector and glass lens. I compared the P8 with the P9, and the die surface appears smaller than the P9. This could improve the throw. The only way to know is to swap a P9 in there to compare. Slightly crenulated bezel.

UI – modes
• Gone are the days when I liked complex, multi-configuration UIs – these days I prefer simple ones like this one on the L2.
• Press tailswitch to turn on. Half-press to cycle LMH. Double press for strobe.
• 1-second memory mode – I prefer this to a 3-second memory mode.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Very throwy beam for a 14500-cell flashlight. Lots of usable spill too.

• The clip not rigid enough, would be better with some stronger steel.
• Looks like it may have a FET driver, based on longer runtime tests.
• Does not tail-stand.

This is one of the best value throwy EDC flashlights out there – it’s affordable and can also take primary cells which is a huge bonus, especially for mainstream users and in case of power outages.

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