NEXTORCH L10 MAX in 2022: 1500m beam? The BEST value LEP Laser Flashlight!

Full review video here.

NEXTORCH L10 MAX in 2022: 1500m beam? The BEST value LEP Laser Flashlight!

In this video, I review the Nextorch L10 Max, a powerful laser flashlight that offers enormous throw with portability. This light was provided to me by Nextorch for review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

I measured 447,125 Candela from 17885lx @ 5m on high = 1337m Throw (With included Nextorch Battery @ 4.2V). Measurements obtained from Opple Light Master Pro.

L10 Max
ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuv (Green Bias)
High5013no reading0.34820.39490.0191
CCT, CRI and Duv. More about Duv here:

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Nextorch L10 Max

• This is the most fun I’ve had with a flashlight! I find myself opening my balcony door just to shoot it out every and then. It always shocks me how far it throws and I love that you can see the beam clearly in the night sky. I know for some people, a light with an enormous throw and little spill might be impractical, but just for the fun/coolness factor alone, this light has gained a spot in my top 5.
• Fits all my requirements for an EDC flashlight. It’s easily pocketable at 15.5 cm and head diameter of 3.5cm, given you’re not wearing tight jeans. A clip would’ve been nice but it does come with an adjustable lanyard.
• Pairing this light with a set of 10×25 binoculars can be quite fun when using this light. It’s great for spotting, even at the lower modes.

What I liked:
• Throw – close to 1.5km throw! All in one small flashlight that you can fit in your pocket. 5-10 years ago, this would’ve been unthinkable. But it throws roughly the same distance as my Convoy L8, which is 3x larger.
• Value – Most LEPs are about $300+. Excellent value LEP for 150-$200 range. It outperforms the Fenix TK30 and Weltool W3 Pro – both throw 1200m and cost between $270-300.
• Small head – you can carry it around with you easily, and still get practical runtimes on high mode. There are smaller LEPs out there like the Lumintop Ant Man, Thor 1 – but they run on smaller 18350 and 14500 cells and have reduced throw/lumen figures.
• Outperforms spec sheet – I measured 447,125 candela from 5m on high. I had to wear my sunglasses indoors to run this test as it hurt my eyes to look at the spot on the wall.
• USB C charging and 21700 performance.
• Nextorch is a reputable brand – they supply lights for law enforcement – they need to be fit for duty. The L10 max has high-quality construction, anodization and looks like a premium light. 6061-T6 aluminium alloy. The switch is sturdy, though made of rubber/silicon and makes a solid ‘click’ when pressed.

• It took me a bit of time to get used to the UI. To turn on and off the light, you must hold down the switch for 2 seconds, and it always starts on high mode. I’d prefer if it had the usual double click for high/turbo and perhaps a lockout mode. This is just a personal preference and I think it’s handy that it stops the light from accidentally turning on.

The Nextorch L10 max is my first LEP flashlight and I have to say, I love this thing! This has got to be the coolest stealth thrower that I have. I found that I was justifying to myself before why I didn’t need one, and truth be told, I don’t… but man I think LEPs are the most fun you can get out of torches.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Check out the link in the description if you’re interested in buying one. If you found this video helpful, I’d appreciate it if you clicked the ‘like’ button. And remember to subscribe if you want to see more reviews.

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