Nextorch Max Star Review: Rotatable Switch Headlamp with 18650 battery + Osram P9 LED (1200 Lumens)

Nextorch Max Star Review: 1200 Lumen Headlamp with Rotating Switch

The Nextorch Max Star is a unique headlamp with a rotating head switch. Its ergonomic design makes it intuitive to use and comfortable to wear.

In this video, I review all the features of this headlamp and show you how it performs in a variety of beam shots.

Make sure you stick around for the end of the video where I provide some final thoughts after using this headlamp for a few weeks!

Get the Nextorch Max Star here:

Beam shots: 06:41

Measurements (Opple Light Master Pro) – full measurements available here:

Nextorch Max Star Colour Tests
ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuv (Close to Pure White. Slightly green)
Colour Tests (Opple Light Master Pro)

Nextorch Max Star Distance Tests
ModeLux @6mThrow (metres)
Distance Tests (Opple Light Master Pro)

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This light was sent to me as a sample by Nextorch. I was not paid to do this review. All opinions are my own.


I’ve used the light for over a week now for pretty much everything. Going on night walks and treks, it’s comfortable and stays on my head, medium mode is bright enough for most tasks. I actually keep it next to my bed in case I need to get up during the night. Along with my Pineapple Mini. The Osram P9 is a good choice as it’s energy efficient and manages heat well, but also sufficiently bright and throwy in this headlamp configuration.

What I liked:

Impressive throw – 200m for a headlamp is unusual, most that I’ve used seem to have a more floody beam. This one creates a distinct hotspot with generous spill so you get the best of both worlds. The hotspot is tolerable on L-M from short range.

High battery capacity – 4 h 30 min / 8 h / 40 h AND 1200 / 160 / 20 lumens

I like that it has some water resistance – ipx4, considering all the moving parts on the head and 1m drop resistance too. Headlamps should be rugged enough to stand up to a few knocks.

Comfortable – interesting band design that distributes pressure on the back of your head.

Rotating switch – can switch modes easily even with gloves

You can adjust the light up to 180 degrees


No on-the-fly battery replacement – you need to undo a few screws to access the battery. The good news is that the headlamp will last 4.5 hours on high and 40 hours on low.

Moonlight mode would have been useful.


All in all, this is a capable and ergonomic option if you’re looking for a powerful, single LED headlamp. There are loads of headlamps out there on the market but the Nextorch Maxstar stands out with its simple UI/design that caters towards practicality.

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