Nextorch T20L LASER Flashlight Kit Review: The BRIGHTEST single lens LEP?

Nextorch T20L LASER Flashlight Kit Review: The BRIGHTEST single lens LEP?

I reviewed the Nextorch T20L tactical LEP flashlight. Does this light measure up to its claims of 900 lumens and over 2 kilometres throw? Watch my video to find out.

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Beam shots: 08:31

Throw Test (Using Opple Light Master Pro)
T20L Nextorch
38444 lx @6m (High)
=1383984 cd
=2352m range

Ceiling Bounce Test
L10 Max 115 lux
T20L – 266 lux

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This flashlight was sent to me as a sample by Nextorch. I was not paid to do this review. All opinions are my own.


Have used this LEP for over a week and I’ve had a lot of fun with it as you can probably tell in the beam shots!

It has a premium feel to it. The belt clip is very sturdy/rigid and appropriate considering the weight of this light. I carry a lot of lights with me when doing beam shots, and found it handy that I could clip this one on.

What I liked:

Unique from other LEPs. Highest output LEP @900 lumens. I’ve seen another review measuring 981 lumens. No other single-lens LEP available on the market produces such high output. There are two LEPs that you might want to be aware of: The Maxtoch Owleyes twin LEP basically uses two LEPs joined together (bulky and odd-looking), and Acebeam W50 is restricted to military, search and rescue, and other specialised industries. As a mere mortal, you can’t get one!

This might seem funny to say, but the beam profile is more ‘practical’ than other LEP flashlights – the hotspot is significantly larger than other LEPs in this price range and size.

Outperforms spec sheets – I measured 38444 lux at 6m, which is 2352m. It’s listed as 2km on the spec sheet.

Top-level build quality and anodizing. I was pleasantly surprised with my first Nextorch LEP, the L10 Max, and I’m even more impressed with this one – Nextorch is a reputable brand that supplies lights for law enforcement – they need to be fit for duty.

Dual function tactical switch – explain and demo. Tactical lights are really handy and I prefer them to normal e-switches.

Head design – anti-roll, glass lens, stainless steel bezel.

5-year warranty – “NEXTORCH® provides free maintenance service for products with quality problems under normal use within 5 years from the purchase date. But the quality problems do not include lamp burning out, batteries draining, switches wearing out and damages resulting from abnormal use, abuse, neglect, battery damage, use of other than NEXTORCH® brand batteries or accessories, unauthorized modifications or repairs from their original state.”


Proprietary USB charging – I charge cells in my external charger anyway.

Unable to use flat-tops. Button top cells work, esp. the ones with extra length on them due to the protection circuit.


The Nextorch T20L is a unique tactical LEP flashlight that sticks out from the competition. The 900-lumen large hotspot is a feature that makes this LEP suitable for illuminating a larger area from great distances. Most LEPs only have a pencil-thin beam that I find impractical. The tactical switch makes this light easy to use and activate.

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