Wuben C2 Flashlight Review (2023 Model): All-rounder with power bank feature

Wuben C2 Flashlight Review (2023 Model): All-rounder with power bank feature

I review the 2023 model of the Wuben C2. This is a great value all-purpose flashlight. I’ve owned the 2022 model for over a year now and wanted to see if anything’s changed in this year’s model. Affiliate link below.

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Wuben C2 Transcript

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So I’ve owned the 2022 model of the C2 for over a year now – it was one of the first Wuben flashlights I bought when I got back into this hobby. Wuben recently sent me a sample of their 2023 model of the C2 for review and I thought I’d do a fresh review and also show you some differences between the 2022 model. The main differences – a faster step down, glossier anodization, and shorter clip – the older model had a deep carry clip.
• What you get in the box: 21700 cell, charging cable, spare o-rings, lanyard, manual.
• Comparison with other 21700 lights.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Well machined, no imperfections – lots of grippy knurling and cutouts on the head to help with heat dissipation. Anodizing is glossy black. It’s a little slippery but the knurling helps a lot. Rubber button with ‘W’ logo. I’ve found it quite easy to find the button in the dark because it protrudes out. You can also click 3 times to activate a ‘breathing’ light feature. The clip allows the tail of the light to protrude out of your pocket for quick access.
• SST40 with SMO reflector, glass lens. The bezel is slightly crenulated, you can see if the light is on when you place it head down.
• Power bank feature/USB-C charging.

UI – modes
• 5 clicks to lock/unlock.
• Three clicks to turn on/off breathing LED.
• Single click to turn on, hold to cycle 4 modes. Double-click from any of these modes for turbo.
• Double press from off for strobe/SOS.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• CCT, CRI, Ceiling bounce test
• Surprisingly throwy beam with plenty of spill.

• Steps down fast. The light manages heat very well, but Wuben could have pushed it and extended the step-down time on turbo.
• Beam is greenish on lower modes – typical for SST40.
• Fairly chunky – even for a 21700 cell light. The larger reflector/bezel does well to increase the range of this light though. It feels like this light could handle some serious drops – it’s rated for drops up to 1m.
• No shortcut to turbo. Would prefer double click to go straight to turbo. The shortcut to strobe is a good self-defense feature though.

The Wuben C2 is an excellent general-purpose 21700 cell light that can be used for short-range use around the house, camping, or on walks, but also is suited for long-distance spotting on higher/turbo modes. As I mentioned, I have two of these around the house and one of them has taken a few drops and knocks over the past year – still works perfectly.

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