Opple Light Master III/Pro Review

Opple Light Master III/Pro Review

I review and test out the Opple Light Master III/Pro (they’re both the same thing).

Get the Light Master Pro here (Affiliate link):

I’ll be using this to test my lights from now on. Plan on building a lumen tube at some stage.

This was my first time using the Light Master Pro and I found it was quite easy/intuitive to understand. The app connects via Bluetooth and provides figures.

Great deal for about $40-50 on AliExpress. Perfect for hobbyists and has compatible accuracy with more expensive light metres.

Some observations:
-the app was easy to install and connect the device to
-measures lux, cri, temperature (what more could you want)
-small 6x9cm profile, aluminium build
-wish I could save the log file for measurements
-measurements are taken every second or two, would have liked the interval to be faster to measure switch-on lux. might be an older Bluetooth protocol?
-uses micro USB, an older interface. Prefer USB C

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