Sofirn IF24Pro: Worth Upgrading?

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I review the Sofirn IF24Pro, the upgraded version of the IF24. Find out it’s worth buying in this video.

IF24Pro Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So last month, I reviewed the IF24 – and a few of you mentioned rumors about a pro version being released… so I reached out to Sofirn and it was indeed true, so they sent me a sample of the IF24Pro for me to review. The IF24Pro is the perfect all-rounder flashlight that has a spot beam, flood light, and programmable RGB light. So the big difference between the pro version and the normal one is that the pro has a buck driver paired with a 5000K SFT40. This is a huge upgrade in my opinion, and while not everyone may need these extras, I certainly think it’s worth considering if you want improved long-range and sustained output. The IF24 produces 2000 lumens, while the pro version produces 1800 lumens.
• What’s in the box.
• Side-by-side comparison with the IF24.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Tube-style design, with one ‘side’ flattened off. It somehow also reminds me of those flat-style flashlights due to their similar features. Good quality machining. No imperfections or sharp edges. I like that Sofirn has included a rigid deep-carry clip too. The anodizing is matt black and grippy. I like how Sofirn have switched over to this new anodizing – makes a huge difference as I don’t use lanyards. The button has a rotating outer – select various modes. The center switch is the selector. The tailcap just unscrews so you can remove or insert a 18650 cell – something you can’t do on many of those flat-style lights with an inbuilt battery. USB-C onboard charging + battery indicator to the left of the port.
• 5000K SFT40 paired with a TIR lens. This greatly improves the throw when compared to the SST40 in the IF24. Glass lens over the TIR lens, stainless steel inner bezel. The side LEDs are likely to be 22x high CRI CSP1313 LEDs and 15x RGB LEDs. A frosted glass panel covers the side LEDs.

UI – modes
• Spot LED
○ Single click – on/off
○ Press and hold to ramp LMH
○ Long press for ML
○ Double press – turbo, strobe, SOS, beacon
• Side light (RGB mode)
○ Single click RGB on/off. Press and hold to change colors.
○ Double click to cycle red/blue flash, rainbow, RGB waterfall, droplets, neon fade
• Side light (flood light)
○ Same as spot function

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Best of both worlds in one package

• Would be nice to be able to activate both the flood LEDs and spot LEDs at the same time.
• Would also be better if the light did not automatically switch on when rotating the switch. This would prevent accidental activation in your pocket. The light does have a lock mode though, and the switch isn’t easily rotated.
• The side LEDs are just under the button so face the light away from you when activating the flood light or RGB mode.
• Comes at a slight premium to the normal version of the IF24. It’s also not as bright on turbo (1800 lumens compared to 2000).

• If you were thinking of getting the IF24 but changed your mind due to the unregulated driver, the IF24Pro is definitely the one for you. It’s an absolute bargain for what you get. If you’re looking for a pocketable light that can pretty much do it all, I’d recommend the IF24Pro. The increased throw performance with the SFT40 is impressive and rivals some of my long-range tactical flashlights, and the fact that you can replace the battery seals the deal for me.

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