Wurkkos TS23: 5000 Lumen Tactical Style Flashlight Review!


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I review the Wurkkos TS23, a 5000-lumen, tactical-style light.

Wurkkos TS23 Review:

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• The Wurkkos TS23 is what I’d call a medium-sized light, it’s around the same size as the Convoy M21B except with a larger head. I’d categorize this one as a tactical-style light due to the tailswitch and shortcut to turbo. Wurkkos rate this one at 5000 lumens and it definitely packs a punch – out of all the larger LEDs out there, the XHP70.3 HI that’s included in the TS23 is my favorite. It hits all three checkpoints in terms of high output, a throwy beam + tons of flood. At the lower modes, it’s incredibly efficient. After using this light for a week, I’ve been quite pleased with it’s performance but there are a few considerations I want to go through later.
• What’s included: you get a double-sided clip, 21700 battery, lanyard, spare o-rings, and USB-C charging cable.
• Comparison with M21B, C8+, L21B, Nextorch TA30C Max, P84.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Solid construction and machining is high quality, especially at this price point. Deep knurling and thermal cutouts on the head. Anodizing is somewhere between shiny and matt black. It feels a bit slippery, but the knurling helps. Single metal e-switch on the tail. The battery indicator is on the side of the light. Wurkkos has also shifted the charging port there too. The rubber seal feels sturdy and doesn’t get in the way of the operation of the light.
• Stainless steel bezel with 3x ceramic glass breaking beads. This is a big upgrade for Wurkkos – I haven’t seen any other Wurkkos lights with these two features. XHP70.3HI paired with OP reflector + glass lens. Wurkkos uses a regulated boost driver with the TS23 to power the 6V LED.

UI – modes
• Two groups (outdoor mode and tactical). To switch between them, you turn the light on and press four times. Four clicks from off locks/unlock the light.
• Outdoors mode:
○ Press once to turn on (mode memory). Press and hold to cycle Eco/LMH. Double-click for turbo. Repeat to go to moonlight. Triple click for strobe, SOS, and Beacon (triple click to cycle). Press and hold for ML.
• Tactical mode:
○ One click for turbo/off. From on, press and hold to cycle Med/Turbo. Double click for strobe, SOS, and beacon (double click to cycle). Press and hold off for ML.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Impressive throw + flood combo. I like the large, diffused hotspot you get. It’s nicely focused too.

• Larger head, this is not an EDC light. It’d fit comfortably in track or cargo pants though. Or a jacket pocket.
• Steps down quickly – Wurkkos could have pushed this light further. The good news is that the heat is controlled well, and you can also reactivate the turbo again if you need to.
• Slight delay in activation when pressing the tail switch. Not too noticeable but something that’s common in some of these e-switch tail switches.
The tint is on the cool end.

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