Sofirn IF25a review – AMAZING beam shots in a DARK park (Samsung 40T vs Sofirn 4000mAh)

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Sofirn IF25a review – AMAZING beam shots

Sofirn IF25a review – AMAZING beam shots. In this beam shot review video, I went to a park to test out the Sofirn IF25a. I was very impressed with the output. This light is becoming my ‘go-to’ light that I carry everywhere in my left pocket. I also reviewed the Sofirn SP35 in another video here.

I use both a Samsung 40T (4000mAh) and the included Sofirn 4000mAh battery that was included in this kit. Let’s see which is brighter!

Get the Sofirn IF25a here: (Paid link – I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

The Sofirn IF25a is a high-powered budget flashlight that is capable of producing over 4000 lumens! I’ve looked around and this is the only light you can purchase with 3800-4200 lumens for only $30. It has the highest lumens to dollar ratio to my knowledge.

The Sofirn IF25a comes with 4x Luminus SST-20 emitters in either 4000/6500K. I purchased the 6500K model for this review as it produces more lumens than the 4000K.

This torch exceeded my expectations in terms of the user interface, and overall quality. It’s one of the smallest 21700 cell flashlights you can buy (am unaware of one smaller than this).

Anduril 2 is a useful UI that has various complex features. I was put off by the complicated diagrams and almost didn’t get it. But actually, you don’t need to touch any of those advanced functions if you don’t want. I stick with the ramping modes and candle mode which is really cool and produces a flickering candle effect!

If you have any questions about this light, drop a comment below.

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