Sofirn SF16: BEST Value UV Flashlight?

Sofirn SF16: Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• This is the Sofirn SF16, and it’s a pocketable UV flashlight with surprisingly decent output, compared to those smaller ones that run on AA cells, or smaller keychain styles ones. I use them occasionally for photography, and identifying minerals in rocks. Until now, that’s all I’ve been using. So when I found out Sofirn had a dedicated 18650 host with a UV LED, I had to check it out! Sofirn sent me a free sample of the SF16 for review. One thing I like about Sofirn is that they are budget and beginner-friendly. You get everything you need in the box, and for a reasonable price too. Uses: detecting stains, curing UV glue, document verification, detecting minerals, leaks, synthetic materials, glues, and insects. I wear safety glasses when using them for extended durations – gives me a headache/nausea looking at the reflected light. Can’t be good for you. That’s with any sort of UV light though.
• Comparisons: Tank 007 UV330, RovyVon E8
• What you get in the box: USB-C charging cable, instruction manual, 18650 battery, lanyard, and spare o-rings.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• The first thing I noticed – it’s less glossy than my other Sofirn lights – more of a matt black and a grippier too. I prefer this sort of finish on a light. Great quality machining at this price point especially. It has a tactical-style design – but no forward switch. Styling is simple and downplayed. The clip is much better than the ones included on other Sofirn lights like the SC31 Pro. It feels stronger, more rigid, and has a nicer design. Knurling and cutouts are nicely done. USB-C charging, crenulated bezel.
• Luminus SST08UV 365 nm LED. Many cheap UV lights out there use 395nm LEDs which produce too much visible light and make everything look purple. The SF16 doesn’t have that issue and also comes with an additional visible light filter to ensure only UV light is emitted.

UI – modes
• 3 modes, L (126mw), M (440mw) and H (875mw). Full press to switch on. Half-press to cycle between modes.
• Demo – everyday objects, rocks, fluorescent ink
For once I can’t really think of any. The SF16 is priced well and comes with everything ready to go right out of the box. There are alternatives from other companies such as Convoy but they don’t come with a battery, charger, or charging cable. Performance and price are also similar. So it’s a no-brainer for me, the Sofirn SF16 would be a great choice for a relatively powerful UV light, especially for beginners.

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