Cyansky P12R: The Ultimate AA Pocket Long-range Flashlight!

Cyansky P12R: Review

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I reviewed the Cyansky P12R – this is an awesome little AA thrower that blew my mind!

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
β€’ So the P12R is my first Cyansky light. I’ve seen a bunch of their posts on social media and have been curious about their lights. Cyansky sent me this P12R as a free sample for the purposes of this review. I’ve always been interested in the pocket thrower niche, though I don’t really have any other 14500 pocket thrower besides the Convoy T3. I’ve generally stuck with 18650 lights for extended runtime. The great thing about the 14500 form factor is that it takes up way less space in your pocket, it’s super light, and accepts typical AA cells too.
β€’ Comes with 800mAh 14500 cells, charging cable, lanyard, and metal clip.
β€’ Comparison with TS10, Acebeam Pokelit AA, Sofirn SC18.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
β€’ Anodised aluminium. The anodizing is smooth and definitely feels better quality than an average budget flashlight. I have the green version but there’s also a black version. Machining is excellent. Interesting detailing. The light is operated by one metal side switch (also a battery indicator). Stainless steel double-sided clip. USB-C onboard charging. Magnetic tail.
β€’ The head of the light has a larger diameter than the body to accommodate a larger and deeper SMO reflector. Osram P9 is perfectly centered. Simple bezel – glued down.

UI – modes
β€’ From off, four clicks to lock/unlock. Press once to switch on to memory mode. Press and hold to switch off.
β€’ Once on, press to go from Eco, low, medium, and high.
β€’ Press and hold from off for strobe, and press and hold again for SOS.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
β€’ CCT, CRI, ceiling bounce tests
β€’ Mainly throwy beam, really impressed with how far this little light can throw. P9 produces some decent spill as well, unlike the Osram W1.

β€’ The head is a little awkward due to it being slightly larger than the body. It’s slightly larger in diameter than the S2+. I think Cyansky could have gotten away with making this a small 18650 light. Similar to the Sofirn SC18/32. With that said, it is still smaller than most 18650 lights out there and throws further. Of course, a big advantage is that it can also take a normal AA cell. Not the case with most 18650 lights.
β€’ UI takes a bit of getting used to. Most of the side switch lights I own have the hold-down to change mode. Rather than press through four modes. So I find myself accidentally switching modes instead of switching the light off.

β€’ The P12R is an impressive little pocket thrower that also produces a decent amount of spill. It’s beginner-friendly due to the USB-C charging, AA compatibility, and versatility (makeshift headlamp), basically comes with everything you need. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a solid, throwy EDC light.

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