SPERAS M4 – Shortest 670m+ thrower! – 1320 lumens, 220+ hours runtime with USB Type-C charging

SPERAS M4 – Shortest 670m+ thrower!

Get the Speras M4 here: https://sperasflashlight.com/products/speras-m4-mini-type-c-flashlight-1320lm-652m-powered-by-1-pce-18350-battery

Beamshots: 07:00

I measured 111,975cd, 4356K using my Opple Light Master Pro @ 5m distance, using the stock battery. Impressive for a 7.7cm light!

ModeCCT (K)CRI (Ra)xyDuv (Green tint)
Measurements are taken with the Opple Light Master Pro

I was not paid for making this review. All opinions in this video are my own.

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• This light really exceeded my expectations. When I first opened the box, I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it looked kinda cute actually! After a week of using this light:
○ Easy to carry around and has jaw-dropping throw on turbo mode. Using it on side streets, alleys and outside the city in rural areas. I like that it still produces a decent amount of flood to see where you’re walking. It has the nicest beam I’ve seen on a TIR lens, smoother and warmer than my IF22a.

What I liked:
• Massive throw/brightness for its size. 1300 lumens, 669-meter throw (I measured 111,975cd, 4356K – Opple Light Master, 5m distance). Impressive for a 7.7cm light.
• Pocketable – the head is a bit on the wide side with a 4cm diameter, but surprisingly, it fits nicely in almost any pocket – though you may have trouble with tighter jeans. To get this amount of throw in a flashlight of this size, it either needs a larger reflector… or you’re looking at LEP flashlights.
• UI has 5 modes ECO, LOW, MED, HIGH, and TURBO. A decent low mode is important to me, especially with a lower-capacity battery (1100mA). I find that low mode at 60 lumens is more than enough for most situations and lasts nearly 8 hours. Medium is decent too at 2 hours. In turbo, you get just over an hour of runtime. So it shows this light is more than a novelty pocket rocket that fizzles out after half an hour.
• Premium construction – the HAIII anodizing on this light is a step above my so-called ‘budget’ lights. I know there are different forms of anodizing, and different thicknesses. It just feels smoother and more even on this light, it doesn’t have that glossy look, but more of a clean, matt-black finish that seems more durable. I carry this light around in a bag with a few of my other lights and found that a couple of them now have little wear marks on the bezel, but not a scratch with the M4. The body of the flashlight is milled to perfection too. No unevenness or imperfections.
• Lock function + mechanical lock. Important as I find these side switches can turn on in your pocket. The switch sits flush with the body.
• 5-year warranty
• USB C charging with protected 18350 battery included for added safety

• Tint is greenish, but because I’m red-green colour blind, it doesn’t seem as noticeable to me. It is a lot warmer than the beam of my Sofirn IF22a though.
• Would be better with a pocket clip, so it stays upright in the pocket and doesn’t get scratched by my keys.

This little pocket rocket is reminiscent of the Manker MC13 and Thrunite Catapult Mini – they are all smaller TIR-style thrower lights that have candela figures between 111,000 – 129,000. However, the M4 produces 1300 lumens which are approx 50% brighter than its competitors. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The link to the Speras website and the M4 are above if you’d like to check it out. If you found this video helpful, I’d appreciate it if you clicked the ‘like’ button. And remember to subscribe if you want to see more reviews.

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