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I talk about a new LEP demo module I received from Blue Lake/Flamingo Light, the manufacturer and source of all LEP modules you see in your favourite lights.

Blue Lake provided a sample of this module for this review. I was not paid to make this video, nor have I committed any negative points.


General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So this is a slightly different review video from the others I’ve made – this is an LEP demo kit from the company Blue Lake/Flamingo Light (US) that is responsible for producing all the LEP modules you see in your favorite LEP lights.
• Recently Ted from Blue Lake has made their LEP modules available for hobbyists to purchase directly and offered to send me a sample of their 19.2W LEP Demo kit.
• What you get in the kit: LEP module (mine is the 19.2W, 950-lumen module), heatsink, driver/power supply, 30mm focusable lens. You can also get a triple lens kit for the same price (27, 38, 55mm). The 55mm lens is capable of producing a 2.8km beam.
• Website – examples of various modules available.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• The LEP module itself is made of copper, and screws into the heatsink. I was surprised at how small the module was. Could imagine this in a smaller light like a Convoy S2+ or Reylight Pineapple. The lens kit appears to have a 3D printed housing + two lenses + wheel that focuses the beam from wide to narrow.
• Specifications of the driver noted on the exterior. A power source is also provided. My friend and fellow flashlight Tim McMahon purchased an AC to USB-C adapter to run his LEP kit via a power bank.
• Demonstration: I notice that without the lens, the LEP module produced a wide, floody beam – similar to what a LED without a reflector would produce. The lens focuses all that light to a central hotspot with virtually no spill. There is also a reduction of light output during this process.

UI – modes
• Demo kit comes with only one mode – you’d need to pair this with a suitable driver and battery.

The release of LEP modules to the general public is great news, and I can see a lot of modders getting excited to put one of these into their lights. Some of the modules like the flat base ones seem more versatile than the screw-in ones, as you could install them in a wider variety of hosts.

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