Wurkkos DL02 Flashlight Review: One-Step 3000 Lumen Mode!

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I review the Wurkkos DL02 flashlight. This is marketed as a diving light, but it is also a great long-range light!

Wurkkos DL02 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• I recently reviewed the Sofirn SD06, but I didn’t realize until recently that Wurkkos also has its version in the DL02. I was impressed with the SD06 and though both of these lights have practically the same driver LED and reflector, there are a few important reasons why you would want to get the DL02 instead. And guys, full disclosure, Wurkkos provided me a sample of the DL02 for this review, however as always I will provide my unbiased opinion of this light.
• What you get in the box: lanyard, external charger, USB-C charging cable, spare o-rings.
• Comparison with SD06, M21B, S2+

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Overall machining is good, with no visible imperfections or rough or sharp spots. The body is machined from two parts – a head and a battery tube. No unscrewable bezel. There are some cutouts on the head for heat dissipation. Surprisingly there is no knurling on the battery tube. The anodizing is smooth and slippery, slightly glossy.
• Single rotating switch. There’s a one-step shortcut to the highest mode! There is a large lanyard hole on the tailcap, and the light does tail stand, but barely.
• SFT70 under the hood with SMO reflector – with a constant current boost driver. Great recipe for a throwy light. The diameter of the head is larger than the battery tube. But still fine in your jeans pocket without issues.

UI – modes
• Very simple – rotate the switch in either direction to activate the three modes. High mode is easy to activate in an emergency.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT
• Impressive throw – I like the intense hotspot you get with the SFT70 + tons of spill. This would be perfect underwater or for long-distance spotting.

• No electronic lockout – you can unscrew the head slightly though. You’d have to do this in case you activate the side switch accidentally.
• Wish it had a hidden ML mode. The lowest mode is still too bright to use in the middle of the night.
• No onboard charging. This is to achieve the 100m water resistance rating.
• Slight annoyance – battery indicator light doesn’t switch off.
• Remember, this light is primarily a dive light – so most of these considerations come from an EDC perspective.

The Wurkkos DL02 is the perfect answer to Sofirn’s SD06 – I wish it had some knurling on it, but I really like that you get one-step access to the highest mode, so you could also use this in a self-defense situation. I’m surprised at how far this light throws (500m) given how small the light is too – it’s probably the smallest SFT70 light that I own, and it still holds ~3000 lumens for a minute. This is one of the best value budget SFT70 lights out there – and it comes with a boost driver too!

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