Most Unique EDC Flashlight? Loop SK-03 Review

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Loop SK-03 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• So Loop is a relatively new flashlight brand I noticed last year. They make some unique lights that look very different from anything else on the market so I reached out to Bruce who provided me with this sample of the SK03 for review. This light has a unique dual beam function and the side lights act like ‘artificial tritium’ too.
• What’s in the box? Multi-colored filters x 4, lanyard, spare o-rings, 14500 battery + USB-C charging cable.
• Comparison with Pokelit AA, TS10.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Loop offers the SK-03 in three materials – aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Mine is the aluminum version. You can also opt for a version that comes with a multifunction bracket. This allows you to rotate the light in various positions while attaching it to objects magnetically. Very eye-catching design, a lot is going on. The build quality is excellent, and rather than just a single tube, the SK03 is machined from multiple parts joined together. It looks military and futuristic at the same time. There’s an inner tube that forms a nice contrast against the gray. Double-sided clip, single large button on the end. The button is almost silent when pressed, requires a confident press to activate.
• 2 LED choices – 6500K (LED is only listed as Phillips LED on their website, but apparently it’s a Cree XP-G4) and Nichia 4000K 519A. Frosted TIR lens. The bezel diameter is slightly larger than the body. There’s some GITD material under the lens that produces a cool bluish glow after the light is switched off.
• 360-degree flood beam from LED strips on the body. They’re also high CRI! This would be perfect hanging from the top of a tent or as a work light. The strips can be configured to turn on very dimly too, similar to tritium vials.
• No onboard charging. Runs with alkaline or NiMH cells – so there is a boost driver in this light.

UI – modes
• 8 clicks to lock/unlock. From lock, momentary on/med is available.
• 5 clicks to turn on microlight mode (only work with 14500 battery)
• Press once for on, hold for LMH (with memory). Double press for turbo.
• Triple press for strobe, press and hold for SOS, beacon.
• Side light – from off, press and hold and 1 second. Press and hold+ release to cycle LH, beacon.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT.
• Nicely diffused light, good for short-med range. Not a thrower.

• No built-in charging, but the included 14500 cell has a USB-C port on it.
• Pricey for a 14500 light, but it’s built well and one of the most unique-looking lights in my collection, plus the included flood light feature expands functionality.
• Threads are not anodized.

One first glance, this might look like a gimmicky flashlight. Still, when you look closer at the SK-03, there’s a reason why they’ve done things differently – the GITD material under the head, LED strips on the side of the light, quiet but firm button, frosted TIR lens with efficient emitter, regulated out – this all makes for a near perfect EDC flashlight.

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