Acebeam Terminator M2: True Innovation or Gimmick? Why This Is My New Favourite EDC Flashlight!

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Acebeam Terminator M2 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• This is one of the most unique flashlights I’ve owned! I like how companies are pushing the boundaries with flashlights these days. Lights like this eliminate the debate on whether you should carry around a thrower or floody flashlight. Why not have both? I’ve seen many dual beam lights but they all have a tube design – and that tends to be pretty bulky, especially with a standard SMO reflector. Acebeam has solved this problem by creating separate lenses for the spot projection/flood beam. Looking down the spot beam reminds me of looking down the opposite side of a binocular lens. Genius design!
• Comparison with other dual beam flashlights: Sofirn IF30, Ledlenser P6R Core QC, Wuben L1, Wurkkos HD20, X0
• What you get in the box: USB-C charger, flashlight, 18650 cell, manual, lanyard.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• High-quality machining and construction. It feels like I’m holding some kind of military device or precision tool! The light has a slab design which makes it surprisingly easy to carry in your pocket. Intricate but tasteful cutouts on the light. No rough/sharp spots or inconsistencies. I like the anodizing – matt black and chalky finish with a decent grip.
• CRI90, 3x Nichia 519A (5000k @2000 Lumens) in my model. Also available in 6500K @3200 lumens (not sure what these LEDs are. Probably Osram P9s). Dual lens designs – one side has 3xTIR, and the other has what appears to be a glass lens system, it’s something I haven’t seen before in a light, but creates a very clean, uniform, and perfectly circular beam with some spill. It reminds me of a beam from an LEP flashlight, except there is more spill than on an LEP. Both bezels are slightly crenulated. The lenses are also recessed slightly which helps protect them.

UI – modes
• The switch on the body allows you to select between the spot and flood beam.
○ Press once to turn it on. Hold to step ramp, double press for turbo.
○ On flood, press and hold for ML
○ Triple press for spot + flood (turbo)
○ Quad click for strobe
• Lock – press and hold for three seconds, repeat to unlock (light will flash three time and turn on). I found a hidden low mode for the spot mode here – unlocking the light on spot.
Aux modes – press and hold for two seconds then release when aux colours start flashing. Press and hold again to switch between aux modes.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• CCT, CRI, Ceiling bounce test
• The spot beam is perfectly round and uniform – it does look like a projected beam. Lots of spill but a large hotspot that is perfectly circular.

• It’s awkward to hold, and a bit large for an 18650 flashlight. Not sure exactly how to hold it at times, and I find myself pressing the end of the wrong tube. I wonder if this light would have worked well with the spot LED paired with a reflector, so we could add a second 18650 cell. It’s a tricky scenario because, without the second lens tube, we wouldn’t have that amazingly clean spot beam. I find the tactical grip to be more comfortable than the cigar grip. Both are doable but not ergonomic. If the spot/flood switch was moved to the rear somehow with a rotating design, it would solve this issue.
• No onboard charging, but the included 18650 has a USB-C port. Wish it could accept a 21700 but that may have made this light unreasonably large and unsuitable for EDC.
• No other brightness modes in spot mode except high, and a difficult-to-activate ‘low’ mode, which seems to be a bug. This could be a pro for some people as it means you’ll always be in the highest mode when using spot – good self-defense feature?

• I didn’t expect much from this light initially and was half expecting a gimmicky flashlight with an impractical design. Instead, the M2 has become one of my favorite flashlights and it’s made it into my top 5 EDC lights. It’s incredibly versatile as the flood beam provides ample light for any scenario + has a true moonlight mode. The spotbeam satisfies my throw needs surprisingly, which says a lot as I have tons of throwers in my collection. The aux modes produce just enough light to accomplish basic tasks like reading a book, and seeing up to a few meters in front of you. I’m surprised to say this but I highly recommend this light.

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