Wurkkos HD50 Review: Do It All Headlamp + Flashlight!

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I review the Wurkkos HD50 headlamp and work light. This is my favourite budget 21700 format headlamp.

Wurkkos HD50 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• This is one beast of a headlamp! 4000 lumens and three different beam modes. I’ve used this headlamp for a week now and I’m impressed at how much value you get at this price point.
• What you get in the box: 21700 cell, manual, headband
• Comparison with HD15, HD20. The build quality of the HD50 stands out when compared to the other two – the anodizing and machining feel higher quality.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• The machining is excellent, especially at this price point. The anodizing is even better – matt black and grippy. Reminds me of the anodizing on my TD01C. Operated by two buttons – one turns the light on and off, and the other cycles between modes. They are made of rubber and require a firm press to activate the switch.
• Come with an adjustable headband. Easier to install and remove due to the design of the cutouts. I like that you can swivel it around easily too. If you remove the light, you can use it as a general work light or even EDC it.
• The light takes a 21700 cell (wurkkos branded) and unscrews from one end. I noticed the wall of the battery tube is thicker on one end? Other users have noted the same design on their model. Magnetic tail.
• Three LEDs/beams. Middle houses an XHP50.3HI (5700-6000K) for maximum throw, OP reflector probably to reduce beam artefacts. Two frosted TIR lenses housing LH351D (5000K, 90CRI) and Latticepower XG 660nm. There is a vibration feature that alerts you when the battery has been inserted the wrong way around, or battery voltage drops too low.

UI – modes
• Press the power button to turn it on (remembers the last mode). Press the switch button to cycle between modes (spotlight, floodlight, spot+flood, red). Press and hold either button to cycle between LMH. Double press in each mode for turbo.
• From OFF – long press either button for moonlight.
• Press both buttons to lock/unlock.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CCT, CRI.
• Very throwy when using center beam but no ringiness. The other two LEDs produce nice floody beams, very practical for up close work or walking.

• Gets hot in high/turbo mode when used for long durations. The headband insulates the light if you’re wearing it on your head. A buck driver would have been ideal in this light.
• Large – while it’s one of the ‘smaller’ 21700 headlamps out there, this is certainly chunkier than most of my other headlamps. With that said, it’s surprisingly comfortable on my head.

One of the best-value multi-LED headlamps out there. Most headlamps come with one LED, which is suited for short-range activities. The throw on the XHP50.3HI is incredible, especially considering how small the reflector is in this headlamp. Probably my favorite out of all the Wurkkos headlamps I’ve reviewed so far. If you’re looking for a well-priced headlamp and work light, I’d recommend it.

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