Convoy L8 (SBT 90.2) vs Convoy M21B (CULPM1.TG + CSLPM1.F1) | Best Long Distance Flashlight?

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Convoy L8 (SBT 90.2) vs Convoy M21B (CULPM1.TG + CSLPM1.F1)

Giant throwers get a lot of attention and are certainly impressive… but do you really need one? In this video, I compare the Convoy L8 (SBT90.2) with the Convoy M21B in two iterations, the CSLPM1.F1 (Green) and CULPM1.TG (White). Personally, I barely use my L8, as it is quite unwieldy. But it beats the socks off all of my other long-range LED flashlights.

I recommend the M21B host if you’re looking for excellent throw performance (700+m) in a smaller, pocketable profile. The 21700 cell provides extra runtime at the expense of added weight and size. But I still find this host to be easily pocketable. The L8 is the best value monster thrower out there on the market but you’ll need a bag to carry it around

if you want to learn more, watch this video!

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