Nextorch TA30C Max VS Nitecore P23i (3000 Lumen Battle) | Which Is The BEST Tactical Flashlight?

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Nextorch TA30C Max VS Nitecore P23i (3000 Lumen Battle)

In this video, I compare two of my favorite tactical flashlights, the Nextorch TA30C and the Nitecore P23i. Both lights are outstanding but have some important differences you need to know about before you buy one.

The TA30C has a dual-stage tactical switch that allows access to turbo and strobe in one step. It also features a second uniquely rotating switch on the tail cap. This allows efficient access to L-M-H with a quick turn.

The P23i has a more complex UI – two switches on the tail-cap, one for turbo and one for strobe. You can also access the L-M-H modes once the tactical switch is fully pressed. Interestingly, Nitecore has also added a second UI (Daily mode) that allows you the start the light in low mode, which is handy.

Stay until the end of the video where I’ll go through a beam shot comparison.

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