Convoy M21B (CSLPM1.F1): The Ultimate Budget Pocket Thrower (with green emitter!)

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Convoy M21B (CSLPM1.F1): The Ultimate Budget Pocket Thrower

In this video, I review and demonstrate the Convoy M21B with CSLPM1.F1 (Green LED). This is a surprisingly powerful thrower that you’ll want to consider if you don’t mind the color. It out-throws the white version and produces more lumens too! Make sure you watch this video if you’re looking for a budget pocket thrower for a great price.

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Convoy M21B – CSLPM1.F1: General thoughts after a week of usage/size

• This is a solid thrower, if you can put up with the green light. Aliens! It throws incredibly well. Almost LEP territory. I had to find my own clip, but it fits fine in the pocket. I wouldn’t carry anything larger than this as an EDC.
LED, lens, bezel, and reflector
• CSLPM1.F1 (2mm surface – high lumen to surface area ratio), AR lens, bezel cutouts, and also easily removable. Be careful of dust. SMO reflector.
UI – modes
• Demonstration
• Mode group switch demo
Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality

Simple Ceiling Bounce Test
Measurements taken with my Opple Light Master Pro

• Ceiling bounce test and measurements CCT, LUX, CRI.
• Ceiling bounce vs the KW.CULPM1 in the same host: 263 vs 402 lux.
• @8mins of testing, the temp of the bezel did not exceed 46 degrees C during testing, top of the battery tube got up to 40 degrees C. Within safe limits of the battery (below 60 deg C for most lithium-ion cells).
• For 100% mode, 6A for the CSLPM1 is the perfect current level as it doesn’t get too hot but you get most of the lumens out of this emitter. Diminishing returns up to 8A, and gets too hot to hold.
• Perfect circular beam profile, bright and even spill. Hotspot is very intense, and uncomfortable to look at close up.
• This is a green emitter designed for maximum throw and visibility. It’s good for identifying objects, but terrible for any colors. That’s the trade-off. It’s significantly brighter and throws further than the white version. Long runtime on lower modes with 21700 cell.
• No tactical mode, green light, simple design
One of the best budget pocket throwers available out there. Green light is more visible to the human eye than other wavelengths, this light takes full advantage of that fact + the throwy beam of the CSLPM1. If you’re looking for a unique and fun pocket thrower, this is it.

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