Lumintop AD01 Flashlight Kit Review (2023): The Ultimate Long-distance TIR Thrower – AA, D and 18650

Lumintop AD01 Flashlight Kit Review (2023)

In this video, I review the long-anticipated Lumintop AD01. This is a unique flashlight that features a large TIR lens for maximum range. It also takes 18650, AA, and D cells. The performance is unbelievable in this light – it has a range of 800m on turbo, and will hold high mode for 1 hour (640m range) without dropping output.

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I have tons of PM1 flashlights, some of them throw further than this one even. But if you compare the heatsinking abilities and sustained performance, there’s no comparison. At some point, manufacturers started prioritizing high-lumen, small-bodied flashlights. I get it, we don’t want to be carrying around a chunky light. But what about those times when we really need the light to perform at full throttle? I think that’s the unique thing about the AD01 and why I recommend this one.

Beamshots: 17:02

This flashlight was provided by Flashlightgo for review. I have not been paid to make this video, nor have I held back on any of my opinions about this light.

Lumintop AD01

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality:

  • This is my very first Lumintop flashlight and the first thing I thought when I opened the box was – wow, this thing is chunky. But as I’ve used it during the week, it’s grown on me, and the benefits of the extra heatsinking are apparent. This light can hold high modes for much longer than any of my other flashlights with the PM1 emitter. I had a look around my collection and realized something… I don’t really have any lights that accept primary cells besides my Ledlenser P17 (3D cells). I guess we all get into this hobby for one reason or another but a flashlight is a tool at the end of the day, and in an emergency situation, having a light that accepts primary cells is crucial.
  • Size comparison.
  • This isn’t a light you can easily pocket. Cargo pants, sweat pants OK. But you’ll struggle to fit this into your jeans. Just chuck it in your backpack, or car glove box or keep it around the house.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel, and reflector

  • Solid, rugged construction. Thick walls with a wide-spaced knurling pattern. The anodization is, smooth matt black and chalky. Square cut threads
  • Battery configuration demo.

UI – modes

  • Modes demo
  • Strobe, SOS
  • Moonlight/on-off (hold)

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality

  • The ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT, candela, turbo step-down performance, and high step-down performance.
  • The beam profile reminds me of the IF22a and Speras M4 but with more intensity, and with a warmer tint. Aesthetically pleasing beam and the spill is nicely diffused around a central, intense hotspot.
  • (screenshot manual specs) The light will run for over 2 hours on high/turbo with a single 18650 cell, 1.5 hours on AA cells, and a whopping 8 hours and 50 mins on a D cell. But do keep in mind that’s only because performance is greatly reduced on one D cell.
Lumintop AD01Measured with Opple Light Master Pro – figures based on switch on
ModeCandela @5mThrow (meters)CCT (K)CRI (Ra)
Low (18650)5675150.6651917511757.3
Medium (18650)55450470.9564736521760.2
High (18650)103150642.3394741522760.5
Turbo (18650): Official Spec: 105625 cd158800796.9943538535762
Low (AA – NiMH)5800152.3154621505958.2
Medium (AA – NiMH)60125490.4079934519659.2
High (AA – NiMH)103675643.9720491414761
Turbo (AA – NiMH): Official Spec: 75500 cd121825698.0687645528959.5
Low (D)155078.74007874499460.5
Medium (D)7225170506158.2
High (D)13575233.023604507558.9
Turbo (D): Official Spec: 13250 cd22350298.9983278515759.8
Measured with Opple Light Master Pro

Turbo – Ceiling Bounce Test
High – Ceiling Bounce Test


  • Wish it had more battery configs, like 21700, and 26650, and even an extension tube to fit 3D or 4D cells in there would be amazing for an emergency. Imagine the runtime! Still, one D cell lasts incredibly long on high.
  • No silicone grease on the threads when I received it. Be sure to have some on hand.
  • A holster would have been nice, it’s too large to carry in my jeans.
  • Long hold to switch off – my personal preference is for it to turn off with one click, and hold to ramp up or down.

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