Wuben L50 Flashlight Kit Review in 2023 – 1200 Lumens, 230m Range, USB charging + included 18650

Wuben L50 Flashlight Kit Review in 2023

In this video, I review the Wuben L50. This is a pocketable flashlight with a long-range beam profile. This flashlight has been out for quite some time but I thought it’d be worth taking a look, given how popular it is on Amazon. It’s also a lot cheaper than most other budget flashlights.

Get the Wuben L50 here (US Affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3lhpFIl
and on Amazon Australia (Affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3lhpFIl

This flashlight was provided to me by Wuben for review. I was not paid to make this video, nor have I held back on any of my opinions.

Wuben L50 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality:

  • Very efficient and throwy EDC flashlight from Wuben. I like this one more than the C3 due to the extra range you get. Simple UI for EDC use. Easily pocketable.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel, and reflector

  • Well constructed for a light of this price range. It’s a simple tube design, nothing special but it does the job. The anodizing is a slightly glossy black.
  • P9 LED with a deep, smooth reflector. Simple bezel that joins onto the body. Glass lens.
  • One tail switch. Micro USB charging port under the rubber port.

UI – modes

  • Modes demo, SOS?

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality

  • Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT, candela


  • Micro-USB charging. Would have liked to see USB-C, many budget lights have this already.
  • Memory mode takes 3 seconds to store the last mode.
  • Lower capacity battery.
  • No momentary turbo mode – this would have pushed this light into the tactical territory.


  • For what you pay, you get a throwy EDC flashlight with onboard charging and battery included. I recommend it if you’re looking for a cheap and easy light to pocket or store around the house/car. I like the simplicity of the design and UI.

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