LEP Flashlight Battle: Nextorch L10 Max vs. T10L vs. T20L

LEP Flashlight Battle: Nextorch L10 Max vs. T10L vs. T20L: Watch This BEFORE you buy an LEP light!

Full video review here: https://youtu.be/L53Cgasbp54

LEP Flashlight Battle: Nextorch L10 Max vs. T10L vs. T20L

In this video, we will check out and compare three LEP flashlights that I own, the Nextorch L10 Max, T10L, and T20L. Would you prefer a larger LEP or a pocketable one? Let me know in the comments.

Get one of these LEP lights: https://www.nextorch.com/collections/lep-flashlights

Beam shots: 23:14

The main thing I want to show you are the extra features you get in more expensive models, and also what you can expect in an entry-level model LEP flashlight.

The entry-level LEPs tend to throw around 1km – 1.5km max due to the smaller head and lower output. My T10L which is considered high end also throws this same distance! You get some special features such as the tactical bezel and tail switch, better design… but you may not need all these extra features if you’re looking at beam distance and quality along (the beam of the L10 Max and T10L are virtually identical).

On the other hand, larger LEPs such as the T20L have a significantly larger head that is able to focus light to a smaller point and thus can throw further (2.3kms for the T20L). The T20L is unique from other larger LEPs as it produces twice the lumens (900). Of course, it becomes difficult to carry these around.

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