Sofirn SC31 Pro in 2022 – 2000 lumens EDC flashlight with Anduril 2, 18650 battery & Type-C

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Sofirn SC31 Pro in 2022

Sofirn SC31 Pro in 2022. This is my review of the Sofirn SC31 Pro. This is a 2000 lumen EDC flashlight with Anduril, 18650 battery & Type-C. This video ended up longer than I had anticipated, but I wanted to cover as much as I could. I also review the Sofirn SP35 and the Sofirn IF25a.

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Beamshots: 15:27
Modes: 12:31

The Sofirn SC31 Pro utilises one Luminus SST40 emitter and a 18650 cell to produce 2000+ lumens! I bought this flashlight as I wanted an EDC that could produce 2000+ lumens in a smaller form. I own a number of 21700 cell flashlights including the; Wuben C2, Sofirn SP35, and Sofirn IF25a. These are fantastic flashlights, however, they are noticeable in the pocket.

I was surprised to see that the SC31 could produce the same amount of lumens when compared to the Sofirn SP35 and Wuben C2 – both of which are considerably larger.

This flashlight kit comes with everything you need, including the battery, USB-C charging cable, lanyard, spare o-rings, manual and belt clip.

I was also pleased to see that my SC31 Pro came with Anduril 2 – the same UI as my Sofirn IF25a. The best thing about this UI is that it gives you options and the ability to customise the functions of the light.

Anduril 2 also comes with a ‘simple’ mode, for those of you who don’t want to deal with the extra functions. However, I’d recommend trying the advanced mode. You can use it to measure battery voltage, change the operating temperature of the flashlight, and access modes such as candle mode (imitates the flickering of a candle). It’s really quite simple to use but you just need to spend a few minutes learning it. I used to be turned off by the perceived complexity, but now I wish all my flashlights came with this UI!

In this video, I’ll show you some beamshots of the different strobe, candle and lighting modes as well as some normal outdoor beamshots.

This is a lightweight and powerful flashlight. It’s now become my EDC, and prefer carrying it around compared to the SP35/IF25a.

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