Why This Is My #1 Side Switch Flashlight! RovyVon S21 Review

RovyVon S21 Review – The BEST EDC Searchlight!

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General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• I always get excited when I come across a light that’s a bit different from the standard design you see out there. For me, the RovyVon S21 is one of those lights. The finish on this light is incredible – it looks and feels like marble and is more durable than standard anodizing. More on that later. As many of you know, I’m a big tactical light guy, but the ease of use and design of the S21 has converted me… for now.
• What you get in the box: RX10 EDC Organiser, USB-C cable, lanyard, spare o-rings, port cover replacement, Samsung 50E.
• Comparison with Nitecore P23i, Fenix PD36R Pro

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• The machining and finish on this light are second to none. I own a few RovyVon keychain lights, and even those have excellent build quality. The finish (MAO) reminds me of ceramic or marble and feels grippy and durable. It has a unique texture and clean look that I haven’t seen before in another light. The coating is applied evenly. One thing I admire about RovyVon is their impeccable attention to detail. All the cutouts are milled perfectly and with good taste. There are no rough spots. Even the clip is impressive!
• There’s a magnet in the tail. Accepts 21700 cells – comes with Samsung 50E. Onboard charging. The port is nicely concealed with a small cover. Charging light indicator. Rotating switch paired with additional side switch. Smooth action with clear stops in between modes. Intuitive battery indicator with four lights.
• SFT70, SMO reflector. SS Bezel, smoothed off low-key design that won’t cause problems when getting through security checkpoints.

UI – modes
• The UI is simple to use which I really appreciate. Centre = lock.
• Left for strobe and SOS. Press the side switch once to change mode.
• Right for main modes. Press the side switch to change Eco, L, M, H. Press and hold for 10 seconds of turbo. Can reactivate.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CCT, CRI.
• Impressive throw and large hotspot – could use it as a walking light easily on the lower modes. Lots of spill.

• No shortcut to ML. Though it is marketed as a pocketable searchlight. Though memory mode is useful, you have to click through all the modes to go back to the ECO if you’re in medium, etc.
• It’s pocketable but you’ll know it’s there! Amazingly, a light that can throw half a kilometer, and produce 3K lumens will fit in your pocket.
• Shortcut to turbo requires two steps. Though I’m so used to tactical lights. The good news is that RovyVon also has another model the GL1 which is the tactical version of this light and has one one-step turbo through the tailswitch.

Wow, as a side-switch light, this one is nearly perfect in my mind – great overall performance and sustained output, best of both worlds – flood and throw and a clean and unique look. If you’re looking for the perfect long-range, floody flashlight… and you’re less concerned about tactical features, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the S21.

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