wurkkos fc12 vs fc13

Wurkkos FC12 vs Wurkkos FC13 Comparison: Which Should YOU Get?

Watch the full comparison here: https://youtu.be/na04W6LAo4s

Wurkkos FC12 vs Wurkkos FC13 Comparison

In this video, I compare the Wurkkos FC12 and FC13 to help you decide which is best for you!

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Production/sales for the FC13 have been paused currently.

There’s been a lot of mixed opinions about the new FC13, and I wanted to address some of them in this comparison video and show you the pros and cons of each. These are both very different flashlights. I’d think they were from completely different product lines if not for the similar naming structure. The FC12 has a tactical design and switch, is slimmer, and throws significantly further. The FC13 is more of a floody flashlight with one e-switch (non-tactical), and Anduril 2 UI. It’s strange to even compare them! Hang around until the end for some beam-shot comparisons of both.

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