Convoy S21B (CSLPM1.TG) Flashlight Review: Should You Get THIS instead of the S2+?

Convoy S21B (CSLPM1.TG) Flashlight Review

In this video, I review the Convoy S21B with CULPM1.TG. I consider this light to be a slightly larger version of the S2+, as it takes a 21700 cell and has better heatsinking. This light cost me merely $20 on AliExpress! One of the highest-performing lights in relation to its price. If you’re looking for a pocketable long-distance flashlight that won’t break the bank, check out my video.

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Convoy S21B Short Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality:
• This is basically the 21700 version of the Convoy S2+ with a few extra bells and whistles. I like the design and look of this light better than the S2+. This thing really throws well, and it deals with heat better than the S2+ due to the extra material and heatsinking.
• Visual comparison.
• Easily pocketable, but no clip.
• 21700 powered. It can also take 18650 cells!
Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• Very well machined, it has such a clean and yet modern-looking design with interesting cutouts. The stainless steel bezel is a nice touch as well, giving it a more premium feel. Silvery gray anodizing smooth and gives it a sleek appearance.
• Mine comes with a CULPM1.TG emitter with AR lens. Shallow smooth reflector.
UI – modes
• Modes demo
Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• Ceiling bounce test, CRI, CCT, candela
• No clip included, but you can buy these separately through Simon’s store
• Mine had dust under the lens
• Gets hot on 100%
• No on-board charging
• A solid 21700 cell flashlight for an excellent price – mine was around $20. If you like the S2+ and want some extra performance and battery life, this is the light for you.

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