Wuben X3 Flashlight Review: The Future Of Flashlight Technology?

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In this video, I review the Wuben X3. This is a prototype model that looks very promising and has some truly unique features. Wuben is seeking crowdfunding and feedback prior to releasing its final model to the public.

The rotating head is something I’ve never seen on a flashlight before – it’s genius as it unlocks the ability to use the light on your bag strap/pocket, or front facing on your hat or by holding it normally.

The X3 comes with an LH351D emitter and 620nm red emitter which produces a nice, wide-angled beam, coupled with a bright hotspot.

The X3 has wireless charging and comes with a power bank. Quite simply, just drop the light in and it starts charging. If you’re looking for a flashlight with an array of unique and modern features, make sure you watch my video! Leave a comment if you have a question.


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Wuben X3 Prototype: Video Transcript

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:

• This is probably the most unique flashlight I’ve seen in recent times. Wuben keeps stepping outside the box and it’s definitely working! It’s rare to find any new flashlight designs out there, most companies use the usual cylindrical form which has been tried and tested. The X3 I’m reviewing is still a prototype but if you want one, you can pre-order and back this project on kick booster. If you’re interested, I recommend getting one through the link in the description. Now I should mention this isn’t the normal kind of review that I usually do, as this is a prototype and I’ll be providing Wuben some constructive feedback so they can perfect their final release model. I’ll talk about some of these points later on in the video.

• One of the most unique functions of the X3 is the rotatable head. It allows you to configure the LEDs into a forward-facing orientation. You can clip it onto your bag strap or pocket/belt. Alternatively, you can rotate the head so that the LEDs are on the top of the light (more traditional style) for you to more comfortably hold. My version is MAO anodized and it also glows in the dark! There are other iterations too that you can view on kickbooster. I really like the red LED that makes it perfect for nighttime use.

• The X3 comes with a special wireless charging case that functions as a diffuser too. I believe Wuben may alter this design for the final version, as I see other versions on Kickstarter have the diffuser covering the entire top of the case. You slot the light in. Wuben also includes an innovating 2 in 1 lanyard/charging cable. You’d never be able to tell it!

• Size comparison with other X series.

Overall Construction:

• The body of the Flashlight seems to be made of PC with some GITT composite. (Demonstration of GITT) Aluminum won’t work for wireless charging. Normally I’m not a fan of plastic components but the body on the X3 feels high-quality and well-machined.

• The head has MAO coating, is quite solid, and acts as a heatsink for both LEDs. Features an LH351D and a 670nm red LED. The display looks retro and reminds me of those little pocket electronic games from the 90s/2000s. Black aluminum bezel with 4 torx screws. The lens is made of plastic. I tried scratching the edge of it with a pocket knife and it has a little give to it. Dual TIR reflectors – appear similar to the one on the X0, so it produces some extra throw too which is nice. The head twists easily and only in one direction.

• Clip is nice and sturdy, I was surprised by how firm it feels attached to the body. The screws seem to go deeper into the case, maybe onto a metal supporting structure inside. I’m not entirely sure.

• Charging case is rated at 3000mAh. It should be able to charge the X3 at least twice with its 1000mAh battery. The X3 can also be charged with other wireless charging devices. The case can also charge other devices from USB-C to USB-C.

UI – modes :

• One switch on the side with a small LED display panel.

• Eco, low, med, high, sos – white LED. Eco, high, flashy – red LED. Triple click for SOS.

• Mode memory

• Blue aux lights – 5 clicks on and off

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality:

• CCT, CRI, ceiling bounce test

• The X3 is rated at 700 lumens though there is another version with two LH351Ds rated at 1200 lumens. The beam has a mixture of throw and flood – the hotspot is squarish.


• Polycarbonate build.

• Lid on the charger comes off if you’re not careful – but can be easily added back via the two pins. It’s a bit awkward to open and shut. The latch gets caught, and I have to squeeze the sides to unlatch it.

• Non-replaceable battery

• Plastic, not glass lens.

• Viewing window for LCD is a tad too small.

• Stuck on 95%?

• Display – should turn off after a few seconds or lower brightness to save battery

• Some reviewers noted the back plate does not make proper contact due to the strain from the clip


Overall, this is a fascinating and unique design I’ve never seen on any other flashlight before. It’s a light you can use for EDC, camping, fishing, hiking, and around the house. It’s a perfect example of what a modern flashlight is capable of, something you can show off to your friends. There are a few things that could be improved in the prototype but overall it’s a solid package. Wuben is great at taking on feedback and is working on getting this perfect before public release.

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