Wurkkos FC12 – 2000 Lumens EDC flashlight Review – the BEST Pocket Thrower!

Wurkkos FC12 – 2000 Lumens EDC flashlight Review – the BEST Pocket Thrower!

Wurkkos FC12 – 2000 Lumens EDC flashlight Review – the BEST Pocket Thrower!

Wurkkos FC12 – 2000 Lumens EDC flashlight Review – the BEST Pocket Thrower! Get 10% off the Wurkkos FC-12 here: https://amzn.to/3BSvbqI (Affiliate link)

In this video, I review the Wurkkos FC-12. This is a 2000+ lumen tactical flashlight powered by one 18650 battery. If you like thrower flashlights, check out my review of the Sofirn IF22a here.

Wurkkos provided this light for review. I was not paid to do this review – the opinions in this video are my own.

I don’t have many thrower flashlights. The reason being, they’re difficult to carry around. Most have large reflectors, and even the ones with TIR lenses have larger heads, which stick out of your pocket.

With the FC-12, you don’t have that issue. This light has a deep but narrow reflector that allows you to easily slip it into your pocket or on your belt without any fuss. The FC-12 comes with a Luminus SFT-40 emitter (I have the 6500K version) that produces in excess of 2000 lumens! When you turn it on, you realise that this light has some SERIOUS throw. I estimate that it reaches between 350 – 400 metres (visibly).

For approximately $30 on Amazon, it’s budget-friendly, and you don’t need to sacrifice on quality either. The finish on this light is smooth and even, the threads are square cut and anodised nicely. This light is made out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium. Machining is solid, I couldn’t spot any flaws in mine (I have the champagne-coloured one). The best thing is that it comes with everything you need. You get a new battery, double-sided clip, lanyard, USB-C charging cable and user manual.

With a spring bypass mod to the head and tail cap, I’m sure it could throw even further. I like that it comes with a double-sided clip. These are very versatile – you can clip the light to the front of your hat and becomes a makeshift headlamp!

One of my favourite features of this light is the tactical switch. I don’t have any other tactical lights, and in the beginning, I thought it was gimmicky. But boy I was wrong! You can access turbo and any other brightness level from a half-press of the tail switch. It feels different, more solid in my hand – it forms part of my fist and is very discreet due to the size. To access turbo from tactical mode, you need to be in smooth ramping mode, and ramp right to the top. I find it to be a very convenient and natural way to provide a momentary blast of light.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the brightest thrower out there. But that’s not the point. You can’t carry those around easily. SBT 90.2 lights also weigh more and require more juice to run. The FC-12 ticks all my boxes for a light that you can chuck in your pocket/bag, take everywhere and light up an entire alley, or dark street from a long distance.

Sometimes, the best flashlight is the one you can keep on you easily, and this is the one I keep on grabbing before I head out into the night.

Do you have any questions about this light? Would you carry one of these around? Let me know in the comments below.​

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