The Future of Flashlight Technology? Wuben X3 Final Release Version Review

The Future of Flashlight Technology? Wuben X3 Final Release Version Review

Wuben have finally released their final version of the X3 and there are some crucial changes that you’ll need to be aware of.

Has Wuben addressed the limitations and feedback provided by testers such as myself in the original prototype? Find out in this video. Affiliate links below.

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Wuben X3 Review

General thoughts after a week of usage/size comparison/practicality/interesting things:
• There is also a standard version that comes with a seat charger, not a charging case.
• Wuben has addressed much of the feedback provided by reviewers of the first prototype, including myself – and I’m really happy with the final version.
• Here they are side by side. Changes:
○ The charging case has been upgraded from plastic to aluminum. The cover hinge has a more durable design. Vertical diffuser pattern removed. The case now has one light at the base to keep things simple (blue to red to indicate when you need to charge the case). Light is also more snug inside the new case.
○ The TIR lens has been modified – a frosted section in the center to even out the hotspot of the beam. Prior to this, both hotspots looked squarish.
○ LCD screen has been centered so you can see the entire display properly.
○ No longer stuck on 95% when charging.
○ The back plate is now attached more securely with two additional screws. Important for waterproofing.
○ The thickness of the clip has been reduced.
○ There are two copper contact points on the base of the light – I think that is for those who opted for the seat charger.

Overall Construction, LED, lens, bezel and reflector
• There are so many features in this light, I don’t know where to even start. I opted for the glow-in-the-dark version as it adds an additional function to the light. The body of the light is made of GITD polycarbonate, while the head is made of aluminum. You can also get this light in blue/black. The X3 is marketed as an EDC flashlight and I like that it only weighs 70 grams, so I can clip it onto a pocket or bag strap without feeling it.
• The head of the light rotates 180 degrees – you can rotate it with one hand, though the head is on quite firmly. This allows you to use the light as a traditional flashlight, and also a front-facing one when clipped to a pocket.
• Two TIR lenses – SST10 (red 650nm) and LH351D high CRI LED. The middle part of both lenses is slightly frosted to create a more diffused beam. The lens design is interesting – looks almost like a combined reflector and TIR.
• Square bezel with four screws, switch is on the head next to a small LED display panel.
• Magnetic base.
• Wireless charging – works with your existing devices and supports reverse charging from your phone.

UI – modes
• Lock 4 clicks – glad they fixed this in the final version as there was no way to lock it previously.
• Triple click for strobe. Repeat for SOS.
• Click hold from off for red. Click hold to cycle low/high.
• Press 5 times to turn the auxiliary blue light on and off.

Performance – total output, beam profile, longevity, practicality
• CRI, CCT, Ceiling bounce test

• Steps down fast. There’s not a whole lot of heat sinking on this light. Of course that comes with the benefit of the rotating head. But at least the second highest mode (150 lumens) has sustained brightness.
• I measured 78m of throw, short of the 102m on the spec sheet. Might be due to my light meter – I’m not using professional equipment.
• The LED screen doesn’t turn off automatically to preserve power.

• Overall, this is probably the most unique light I’ve seen out there – it’s packed full of various functions and is a great example if you want to see what a modern flashlight is capable of.

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